Katmandu Theme Park Passport

Experience Katmandu Theme Park and step into a world of unexpected adventure, exciting rides, epic 4D encounters and climbing thrills. Our Katmandu "Passport" ticket entitles you to do all of the attractions once, however you can spread them over your holiday. It doesn’t actually matter how long it takes you to do the attractions, take your time and enjoy.

Your Passport includes:

The Katmandu Upside down House - a house full of interactive experiences and illusions

Explore the wonders of magic in the upside down house, with all different theme rooms with 3D experiences, Mirror mazes, illusions rooms, games room and many many more...

4D Cinema - A virtual 4d roller coaster

Never been on a roller coaster before? Don’t worry you can experience our virtual 4D roller coaster without even being on a real life one. A 4d cinema can put you in that very moment of riding a roller coaster with that thrill.

Zombies XD Dark Ride - Virtual roller coaster with a laser shooting game

Grab your weapon and fire at will against an endless onslaught of the walking dead as they came at you from every possible direction.

Desperados - A simulated horseback shooting ride

This simulated horseback ride will put you right in the middle of the action in this classic western adventure.

The Asylum - An interactive 5D horror ride

Step into your most horrifying nightmare where you will encounter room after room of bone chilling paranormal activity that will rattle all your senses.

The house of magic- An 4D Cinema

Katmandu´s newest addition, discover the magic in the house of magic. The story of a little cat that gets lead into magic...

Expedition Golf - 18 hole crazy golf course (get to choose from 2 courses)

Test your skills in two worlds of fire or ice in this unique mini-golf course that even includes an erupting volcano.

K3 Climbing Level 1 - A multi level 16 metre climbing frame

A 16 – meter high, multi- level climbing frame that includes 57 different challenging elements. Test your fears and see how high up you can get.

Katlantis Splash Park - children's pool and waterslides

Time to cool down, take the children in the kids swimming pool with a small selection of waterslides, with our passport you get upto 90 minutes.

Katlantis Soft Play - Kids indoor 5 level soft play area

Time for the adults to have coffee and relax, send the kids into the 5 level soft play area again giving them upto 90 minutes free time.

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